What is Rentograph?

Rentograph is a simple, yet powerful platform for Renters and Landlords to transfer rent electronically (bank-to-bank) and manage their properties.

How secure is Rentograph?

Extremely secure. Please see our security page for details.

Does Rentograph have mobile apps?

Soon! Both iOS and Android versions of Rentograph are currently being developed.

What does Rentograph cost?

FREE for Landlords and $2.95 per payment for Renters.

The default setting is for Renters to pay the fee, though Landlords can choose to cover it themselves. It's more likely for Landlords with fewer properties to cover the cost themselves whereas Landlords with more properties (property management companies) may prefer their Renters pay the fee.

How long do transactions take?

Transactions take 3-5 business days. As we continue to solidify our banking partnerships, we are constantly working on improving transaction speed.

Can Renters be charged an overdraft or insufficient funds (NSF) fee?

Unfortunately, yes. The NSF fee is $25 and will only be charged to your account once. We may also have to freeze your account until the issue is resolved.

Before paying rent, please ensure 100% that you have enough funds in your bank account.